About Me

Hi, I’m Lauren from GraceUnmerited.com

I am mom to one amazing little girl and wife to an awesome husband. But, most importantly I am a child of God.

I was saved at a early age, but just recently started learning what it means to walk in the way God has called me to walk. I am far from perfect, but each and everyday God provides me with His unmerited grace.

My Journey to Grace

My journey to giving and receiving grace has been a long, bumpy one.

Prior to learning to give and receive grace, I almost prided myself on my ability to hold grudges. If you wronged me you were sure to face the consequences.

That was until I was in a situation where I desperately needed some grace. The person I wronged had every right to walk away or to hold a lifetime grudge, but they didn’t.

They chose to show me grace. A grace that I did not know was humanly possible. They didn’t just forgive me in the way that you “forgive”, but continue to hold it over their head.

No, they forgave me in a way that seemed as though I never wronged them. It was a grace you would image only receiving from Christ.

This challenged me and immediately opened my eyes to the way I had been holding back on freely giving others the grace that Christ gives me.

We are called to forgive just as Christ forgave us. This is a vital key to Christianity and something I had been neglecting to do.

Unfortunately, instead of realizing how graciously Christ had forgiven me and sharing that grace with others I was harboring resentment toward people.

The exact opposite of what I have been called to do, which is to LOVE because Christ first loved me.

Through this journey I not only discovered that I myself was not giving grace as freely as I should’ve been, but I was also not allowing myself to freely accept the grace God was giving me.

I felt unworthy of His love because of sins I had committed or like I would never be good enough because of my past mistakes.

But in that moment when a mere human forgave me as if nothing had ever happened, I realized just how much more our perfect, loving, wonderful God must be able to forgive me.

And also just how much I need to start sharing Grace Unmerited with others.

About GraceUnmerited.com

Here at graceunmerited.com you will learn about the grace of God and how to freely forgive others once and for all. I will also write about my other passions which are my faith, family, and natural living.

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